Monday, October 27, 2008



In the shadow of my past I must live
Death seemed so close
But still I rose above
One last slap in the face was all it took to wake me from
the coma I had been in for years
To realize that I was ME
and not a part of soMEone else
Death was no longer my friend
I was alive and I wanted to live
But I wanted to live without the pain
and to do so would only cause more
But I knew this new pain was a temporary pain
I could live with that
Because the old pain would kill me
or I would
So I took that first step forward
not knowing what to expect
and it was hard
damn hard
But I realized that I was a survivor because I had to be
The pain still haunts me from time to time
But the pleasure of today
is worth the pain that is no longer mine




In His arms

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Anonymous said...

These images are amazing and so moving! Is this your artwork? Is it possible I can use one for a blog post I want to write about sorrow and hope? I've lost a friend to suicide and am hoping to use an image that represents my feelings.